USB Pop Up Socket

SABS certification for this product still pending and we are confident it will be registered soon. Already tried and tested for over 3 years in South Africa, this eye catcher is a definite must-have for the modern builder or renovator. Loaded with 2 x 3-pin standard SA Sockets, 2 x 2-pin Sockets, 2 x 2.1A USB outlets - you have your power requirements at the reach of your hand

axum Brandname: POWERPOPUP

This product is perfectly suited for:

Kitchen Counter Top

Boardroom Table

Business Centre Pod

Product Spec
  Dimensions Diameter: 105mm | Height 350mm
  Input 220V-240V
Output USB 5V 2.1A, | 3-pin 220V 16A | 2-pin 220V 16A
Cable Spec 150mm 3-core with 3 prong plug for easy connect
Housing Material Nylon
Color Black and Silver
Panel Material ABS
Applies to
Product Cost

...We have really kept our operational and fixed cost as low as possible to bring the product direct to the end user at arguably the most affordable in South Africa, and will continue with the same principle throughout the rest of our markets in Africa...
axum, an innovative and technological company
- encouraging responsible use of USB devices since 2009 -