Charging Station

The solution for mobile phone charging for the everyday people

This unit is also custom built - varying in shape, dimensions, material, number of charging ports, LED lighting, branding.

axum Brandname: POWERBOOTH

Perfectly suited for secure public spaces like:



Events / Weddings / Expos

Sports Stadiums

Waiting rooms / Lobbies

Company Cafeterias

Public parks / Tourist Spots

Product Spec

This is a buffet type product...

It can come in various shapes, forms, and sizes. One will typically design and pick the options they require for their unique purposes and this will be custom built.

Images on this site show model booths made for some trade expos, which you are also free to purchase or adapt into your requirement
Product Cost

...since this currently a customised type product, cost will vary from customer to customer, as the needs for mobile charging and look'n'feel also vary...

Factors described above will influence the cost of a particular booth

We know we will standardize certain models in the near future when we have a better data on the market needs. As a rough ballpark, a wooden booth with aluminium trim, LED lighting, 3 trays, vinyl wrapping, and 6 USB slots will cost around R4,000
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