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axum, (the company) was established in 2009, first as purely an IT Company, offering innovative Software and Hardware services and products.

In 2014, we diversified into the USB Power market by sourcing USB Power Supply products to cater for the growing USB powered devices market.

We are very passionate about what we do, we enjoy the technological space in which we operate, and we aim to please by being throrough in our research and development, in both the ICT and Electro-Technological sectors.

A small enterprise, strategically teamed and partnered up with strong players in  the relevant industries, both locally and internationally, confident this will support our vision of being a household name in innovative technologies in South Africa, and the rest of the African continent.

What We Do
(and doing it well)


axum's mission is to introduce high quality technology products, services, and solutions to the African continent, while establishing long lasting relationships with our customers by providing exceptional customer service. We will pursue business through innovative ideas and leading technologies which are of good benefit to our continent. Our business operations will focus on products and services that will primarily uplift the community as a whole. Technology is now embedded in our economic systems, and when used right, it can aid in enabling more efficient operations


axum's vision is to become a major player in the technological space within the African continent, aiming to consistently be in the forefront of introducing emerging technologies to the continent. In the hardware space, we will start with sourcing/importing cutting edge technology and products, but our aim is to grow to a point we are able to manufacture the products locally, in a well balanced social and economic ecosystem that supports gainful self-sufficiency and unique competitiveness


axum recognized that USB Powered devices are  fast increasing their presence in our daily living, as we advance more and more, and using modern technology to support our activities. These devices range from Smarthphones and Tablets, to Smartwatches and Kids' GPS trackers,  to Bluetooth Speakers, GPS devices, to name but a few. Our business is to remove the inconvenience of keeping these devices powered, whether you are in the home, travelling in a long distance bus, shopping in a mall, vibing at a music festival or vacationing leisurely in a hotel... Wherever you need the power, we are there.
Our Products

These are the USB Power Supply products we are distributing in South Africa currently

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USB Wall Socket

Our "flagship" product , neatly designed suiting most interiors. Made to South African standard and IEC specifications, featuring:

3 pin standard SA outlet
2/3 pin slimline outlet
2 x 2.1A USB outlets

Applications include Home, Hotel, Office, Airport, Hospital - basically anywhere you might think of ...more
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USB Pop-up Socket

Another cool and neat concept is presented in the construction of this versatile, unobtrusive,  easy to operate  pop-up socket, featuring:

2 x 3 pin standard outlets
2 x 2 pin outlets
2 x 2.1A USB outlets

Easy to install, its slick design and modern color schemes will match most installations
This socket is the future of all kitchen counter tops, boardroom tables, conference room desks ...more
USB Charge Stations

Custom-built charging station. Offering the flexibility to design charging stations to suit any particular style and taste featuring:

2 x USB outlets or
1 x USB outlet
2 x micro-USB chargers

These can be installed in various public spaces and provide visitors to your venue with the convenience to get a quick charge when they need that power while on the go  ...more
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USB Chargers

Components for more custom built applications in your DIY projects, for the crafty handyman. Low voltage devices, easy to setup and connect

2 x USB outlets or
1 x USB outlet
2 x micro-USB chargers

These can be used in tabletop applications, or incorporated in transport vehicles e.g. tour buses, long distance taxis, trains, aeroplanes ...more
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Look at some of our installations below, and get some good ideas for your place

Pop up Socket
Pop up Socket
Desk charging Cradle
Desk charging Cradle
Home installation
Home installation
126x126 and 86x86
126x126 and 86x86
USB Charger
USB Charger
Front and Back
Front and Back
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8 Cardigan Street
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axum, an innovative and technological company
- encouraging responsible use of USB devices since 2009 -